Monday, April 4, 2011

PSA "64"- Goes Viral and has become controversial!

PSA "64" (a promo for upcoming film Father's Day), focuses on the topic of the 64 percentile of African American children in the U.S growing up fatherless. Since the release of the PSA (5 days ago), it has gone viral! It has become an Internet success. It has struck controversy provoking heavy conversation in the Black Community. With the heavy talk and controversy behind the psa and this topic, I had to blog about it! Just in a few days the psa has spread all over the Internet and has been featured on over 10 major sites. Two of them being and ; two ofthe largest black entertainment sites in America. Our inboxes, facebook pages and the website messages has been flooded with messages from all different points of views.

  • "Thank you for being brave enough to discuss the elephant in the room"

  • "How dare you all publicly air out the black community's dirty laundry?"

  • " I used to make my mother father's day cards as a child"

  • "As I watched this video, my chest swelled up with hot air.My nose started burning and sharp pain shot up to my head, and made my eyes water. But I wouldn't dare cry. "

Why is this topic so taboo? Why are we continuing to ignore the elephant in the room? Why are so many black children fatherless in today's age? Because this is a hugh issue, that's why! It needs to be addressed.

Ashley Shante' (Writer, Director, Producer) and myself (Asst. Director, Producer) have decided to use our creative talents to get the message across to help change the well-being of the children within our communities.

You can view the PSA and help donate to our film making process by clicking here.

Read some of the controvery on BOSSIP

Also, if you need advice about the subject matter in any way, please contact the National Fatherhood Organization


Squeaky Moore

Dear Diary Productions

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