Thursday, May 29, 2014


Have you checked out the projects that I am working on?

I am really thrilled about the direction I am taking creatively! Every film project I am on gets better and better!  Creating content has been a long time dream of mine, and now I am living that dream.

Recently, I had a fundraising and awareness event for a documentary that I am co-directing/producing, called Face of Darkness - A Journey to Healing.  The film is centering around mental health and suicide.  I was completely blown back by the success we had at the event.  I felt for the first time that I am really giving back to God! Since, the event, I pray for each and every soul that came out to support!  I pray for their mental health!  I am believing that this film helps to heal many people. I am praying that God use my partners and I creatively to get this very important message across.  I know he fact- it was his idea!

CLICK HERE to watch the Face of Darkness Promo!

You can VIEW pics from the event below! 

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