Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get Paid For What You Love To Do

I recently learned that to be blessed is to be empowered, and I tell you that the blessing is working on me, in me, and around me!

I know too well that it is not always easy to stay focused and diligent while pushing to get ahead within your career. As an actress, I am consistently dealing with rejection, and often have to reinvent myself, my look, my attitude, my monologue, my headshots, my cover letter.....the list goes on! I understand how easy it is to become cynical about striving to reach goals set, when no matter what plans of actions you take, success seems to be moving like a turtle turned over on his back.

I can vividly remember my crying spells (that took place quarterly), when I would take an account of where I was and where I wanted to be within my career, and realized that I had a long way to go, or that I hadn't come as far as I'd thought I had. Can you relate? I laugh now while writing this, not really sure if the crying spells will revisit in a month or two, but I know that right now, I am feeling myself! I have so many ideas. It is like God has opened up a flood gate and is raining down on me, and while I am wet, I want to start sharing tips with you. I want to give you ideas that can help you reinvent yourself and give you the little extra boost you need to get you turned over and crawling your way to the top of the list of goals you've set.

Question? Was anyone on the conference call with Tanya Kersey (Strategies for Hollywood Success), tonight?

Well I tell you, the information she gave was very informative and I would suggest you try and listen to it or check out her website @

Still, while listening to her give her free, valuable, but costly information, I had a thought....You can make money with doing almost anything, as long as you have knowledge of what you are doing. This lady, Tanya, was so knowledgeable about almost every aspect of the entertainment field; writing, producing, acting, directing...she knows how to strategize and help you come up with a plan to get your career to the next level. Like, who even knew that that was a business! Jeez. But she was smart enough to see that there was a need for it and she did it; she came up with a way to make money from it. I was thinking, how does she know so much! Of course, to get her in depth knowledge and strategy tactics, you have to have PAY! But that just let me know that there is always a way to make money. So my first TIP is for you to ask yourself this, "What is it that you really like to do, that you do well, and would love to get paid for?"
I suggest you start cultivating ways and ideas of this passion and make money off of your love. If Tanya can make money so can you!

As for me, I am blessed to have started my acting coaching business and workshops, "How To Stand Out In Auditions". My teaching specifically focuses on giving ideas on making the audition authentic and helping one come up with discoveries that are out of the norm; getting you to think outside the box.

How exciting is that! Can you imaging standing in line waiting to audition, knowing that no one's audition is going to be like yours, and being confident that you will, if nothing else, get a callback.

So now, can't you see why I feel blessed! I have the keys that will unlock the door to your great audition! And just like Tanya, I am using my empowerment, my utmost love and getting paid for what I do!

TIP for the day:

Learn to think outside the box....
Think to yourself on your next audition, "What will everyone else do at this audition", and do something different.

Please feel free to contact me with questions concerning your auditions, or one on one coaching.

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