Monday, December 23, 2013

I am #motivated I feel #empowered 


This week I got to see another idea / project of mine come to fruition! This past week I was able to Direct and Produce a promo for a documentary I will be directing with a great friend, called Face of Darkness. The aesthetics of the shoot were so beautiful! It was really thrilling to see the visual I had in my head come to life...I am thankful.

I KNOW....

This was not with out declaring, affirming and praying over and over the very thing that I wanted to happen.

I declared continuously that I wanted God to grow my confidence in my creativity. HE HAS...

I AFFIRMED continuously that "I can do all things through Christ who is my strength!" I DID!

I prayed God do "exceedingly and abundantly over all I could ask or think".

He did!

This is motivation and a great way for me to end the year! WHAT ARE YOU DECLARING AND AFFIRMING? SHARE WITH US!

#MotivationMonday's is EVERYTHING. Especially when you look back over what you've been declaring and affirming...

So I say, look back...check in...give yourself some PRAISE...and GOD...PUSH forward INTO THE NEW YEAR!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

2 Mistakes Actors Make in Auditions and How To Overcome Them

I had very wavering thoughts on this blog...and decided to post it!  What are your thoughts? 

I waver with "don't be defined by it" meaning, don't be defined by our work as actors.  It sounds great! But, I just keep thinking how closely related we are to our work! Sometimes it's hard to separate myself from it... I mean we are taught to bring us to the role right? So, I totally understand when we feel rejected after not getting a role. At any rate, he has many valid points, and his blog is certainly worth the read! Let me know your thoughts....

2 Mistakes Actors Make in Auditions and How To Overcome Them

Go all in. That’s what filmmaker Steve McQueen says actors should be doing all the time. Always.

But we don’t.


This happens mostly because we have a number of defaults that keep us from really committing fully, 100 percent. In our lives. In our work. In our auditioning.

This is partly due to our self-worth being tied up and identified with our product: how we look, whether we get the job, what agency we’re with, how we’re being perceived, or how well someone likes us.

The problem with this kind of identification is that it leaves very little room for error. Or rather, it leaves very little room to simply be human. Being human is messy. It’s uncontrollable. It’s full of chaos and potential and failures and breakthroughs. Where, on our paths, did we learn that it wasn’t okay to simply not have all the answers and not be perfect and not have it all figured out?

Once you stop allowing yourself to be human, you’re in trouble.

Not just in acting—but in life.

When our own self-worth is identified with a finished product (our work, our successes, our bookings or jobs) two things happen.

1. You start to go into auditions becoming risk-averse. Because your worthiness is attached to “How do I look?” or “I have to get this job!” or “I can’t make a mistake,” you end up neutralizing yourself to such a degree that you basically turn off all the things that make you interesting and weird and vulnerable and cast-able—that is, your humanness.

You don’t give yourself the permission to fail courageously. You play it safe. And you become unmemorable. Bland. Boring. Cookie-cutter. Blah.

That’s bad enough, but when our self-worth is attached to our work, there’s another problem.

2). Your moods and happiness and productivity become intrinsically tied to whether or not you book a job. When you get jobs, it’s like the best day ever. You channel Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic,” “I’m the king of the world!” When you don’t, you spend the entire day watching reruns of “Duck Dynasty” and picking fights with your girlfriend.

It ain’t pretty. It takes manic-depressiveness to a whole new level.

Your inherent self is not tied up in the physical. You’re not just this actor. You’re not just your bookings or how well people like you. You’re not your call-back ratio or how many lines you get to say on a show.

Of course, it’s important to care about our work. Of course, we want to do things powerfully and creatively and have a career and do things that excite us.

Just don’t be defined by it.

Lean toward the risk. Toward the unknown. In the room. In the work. In relationships. Out there in the world. That’s really why you signed up for acting anyway. It wasn’t to do things perfectly, and be safe and do it like everyone else. It was to inherently take risks in ways that life sometimes doesn’t give us the permission to take them. Or rather, we don’t give ourselves the green light to do it.

And what ends up happening when we do? Well pretty much all the things you ever wanted. And that’s going all in.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hey Filmmakers! 
Join me and my partner Ashley Shante' of Dear Diary Productions on this Google Hangout Panel with ASPIRE TV!  

We will be discussing filmmaking and how its been to work with Aspire Network. 

You can also join in on twitter!

Commercial Audition Tip #1

Tip #1- Always look for an opportunity to show your personality in your commercial audition.

Have you ever wondered what it was about the "Progressive Lady" or the "Glorified Popeyes Chicken Lady", that made them book the job and become the face of those commercials?

It's because they brought their personalities.  They brought themselves to the audition!  It's true!  Noone can do you better than you!  The progressive lady, I'm sure brought her quirky, off beat personality to that room.  It's probably not even an act!  That is probably who she is in real life.  And the Glorified Popeyes lady, is a true Sistagirl!  And she brings it out in every commercial!

So, I ask...what is that little thing that you do or say that makes you unique?  Think about it...

That thing is most likely the very thing you can use in each and every audition to make you standout.

I recall being in the audition room for a Lottery Commercial.  I walked in the small room to a startling group of maybe 8-10 people (producing team).  This totally through me off.  It was the first audition!  Usually I see those many people on a call back.  But nope.  They were all their cramped together in that small room.  On my first take I completely flubbed the lines.  They'd also chosen to light the room with all of the lights they could find in the city!!! So I was sweating puddles.  This was going bad fast.  It was my second take (they were nice enough, despite the sweat puddles underneath my arms and running make-up) to let me do another take. So I began reading the copy again, I was at the start of a new flub over one word that just wouldn't come out right, and out of nowhere, the real me comes out!  I was trying to say the word, but "JESUS CHRIST!" came out in a very flabbergasted, sistagirl kinda way.  A sista whose just given up!  All 8-10 of the producing team and the casting director burst out laughing as I finished the line with the same attitude as I had when I'd called out God's son! I was so for sure I hadn't book that job.

BUT, I did.  ME.  THE REAL ME booked it!




Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm a Rising Star!

Mildred (Squeaky) Moore on the Fast track in the entertainment industry
These are words that come to mind… when describing Mildred “Squeaky Moore”. A Jack of all trades who possesses a true hunger for the art of acting. Hailing from Chicago Illinois Squeaky has been part of the theater world since a youth.  Through the love of the arts Squeaky became a major player in the Chicago theater scene.

In addition to formerly being a part of American Menu, the Chicago Theater Company’s Jefferson Award nominated cast, she also holds experience in producing, writing, and directing. These skills were demonstrated in GUUD  Timez, an improve show based on the 70’s sitcom Good Times. A woman with a heart for her community she created Act Like You Know, a one woman show addressing the issues of violence and peer pressure with preteens and teens. Under Squeaky Moore Productions it appeared throughout schools in the Chicago area.
Upon relocating to New York City her credits are considered The Masterpiece, a collection of works that cannot be denied or reckoned with. These credits include Off-Broadway, commercials, regional theater, and television. She is appearing in the upcoming movie Zoo, written by Ed Harris and featuring actors Tremaine Hopkins from Juice, Treach from Naughty by Nature, and JD from The Wire. In addition to at least three currently airing commercials, Squeaky is also filming a feature film titled Trakked. The film Father’s Day, which she portrayed the character professor Gills and executive produced along with her partner Ashley Shante’, was picked up by Magic Johnson’s new network Aspire. It debuted on the new TV series ABFF Independents hosted by Omari Hardwick. The world is truly her oyster and I feel honored to have interviewed her for this piece.

First of all I want to thank you for agreeing to this interview. There are several questions I wanted to ask regarding your craft.
What are three things you would like the audience to know about you?

What are three things you would like the audience to know about you?
“First, I am a short haired, hot wife and mother, who juggles the roles as actress and producer. A free spirit always searching for fun and positive energy.  Second, I am a children’s book author. I am currently working on pushing the first of 5 books, the first is titled, Who Am I. Who Am I, tells the story of a multi-ethnic boy named Michai, who after spending time with animals in the tropical rain forest across the world, questions his heritage. Third, I am a strong believer in this phrase; “You will have what you say!”

What advice would you provide to those wanting to become an actor?
I would say to those wanting to become an actor: Only the strong survive. So be strong, push, fall down, get back up and push harder. and most importantly, enjoy every single small success”

Where do you see yourself within the next five years?
Ultimately, I hope to go mainstream in my acting career, which sounds typical of most actors’ dreams, but it is my wish. More specifically, to have a major recurring role as a Hot, kick A** lawyer, or a tough as nails detective. Lastly, have my books published, and every multi-ethnic person buying Who Am I, for their children.” 

For more information regarding Squeaky Moore feel free to contact her directly via Facebook!/squeakymoore, Twitter or her website at

The link to Father’s Day trailer can be found on YouTube at

Kanarian Kindred

Shut Up and Just Act!

I Learned another valuable lesson on commercial/print set today. 

For Talent: 

The client usually comes with a vision; the way they want their commercial and print to be or look. It's great to come with ideas, but don't keep throwing out your ideas, especially after you see they aren't interested or haven't used any of them! And especially, be able to take the direction that they are giving to you! Their vision. Don't talk about your ideas so much, you are barely listening to direction. Just do your job and let them do theirs.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DESIRES, DREAMS, GOALS, IDEAS- How to not allow doubt to settle when trying to achieve them!

I was asked or in discussion about the topics above; on growing our dreams, goals and Ideas and making them come to fruition while aligning it with God and the things he has promised us. (So I decided to blog about it, assuming others have the same questions or thoughts about the subject.)

I think in order for us to find alignment, we must write out the promises of God and declare our IDEAS and GOALS according to his promises.  Then read these declarations/affirmations morning and night.  I think once it seeps into our subconscious minds, then it is DONE.  I believe several things happen at this point.  Our energy goes in the direction we have been TRAINING it, or TELLING it to go every time we read the declaration/affirmation.  The things that are in direct opposition from what we have been feeding our subconscious sticks our sourly and we are able to recognize the FEAR and DOUBT easily so that we can combat it, again with OUR DECLARATIONS WHICH ARE MIXED with GOD's Word. 

Then the energy we have produced by what has settled into our minds overtime leads us to put into ACTION the things that we have been declaring.  ACTION is everything! 

For example:  I wanted to get my reel done.  I’d procrastinated for a long time.  In fact, I didn’t even believe I have enough good footage to make it happen.  (I am very hard on myself).  I wrote it on my to-do list, I kept speaking it, and then I talked it over with 4 of my friends who shared the common goal. Before you know it ALL 4 of our reels had been completed in a matter of 2-3 months!  Something I had wanted and needed for at least 2 years!  That IDEA stuck in the pits of our minds till we put it into ACTION!

Now this is just a simple example.  But I MUST believe that if it happened for this little thing, then it can happen for my BIG IDEAS as well.  This is the very thing that gets me excited.  One thing is for sure- we are in CONTROL!  We hold more power than we think!  And taking this one very little action of creating a declaration of our goals or IDEAS and mixing it with Gods, word, and getting it in us so deeply by repetition, we were able to see it through.  WE used our CONTROL over our goals.  It became inevitable that we would bring it to fruition because we kept talking about it, thus it was seeping into our subconscious minds.  Our Minds played it forward; saw it through to fruition.  WE HAVE ALL THE POWER to make our goals happen! 

My takeaway is, that we cannot get beyond doubt, especially NOT WITH SATAN (or that little negative voice or whatever you want to call it, so I’m no longer even focusing on him or IT or that little negative voice!  I’m focusing on what I can control and following through with inescapable actions.

So it’s not about "BELIEVING that GOD can do the impossible" but about HOW to bring you to this belief!  And that is by just creating the declaration/affirmation (which includes GOD’s promises, and getting into the PITS of our minds.  I am here to tell you that our subconscious minds will believe it long before we even realize that we are “believing” and not “doubting”!

So let's just do that!  WE CONTROL THIS PART of our lives.  By one simple, little step; writing out our DESIRES, DREAMS, GOALS, and IDEAS and including God’s promises!  Then saying them over and over.  These are my thoughts.  What are yours?  Any?

2Corithians 1: 20-22 Whatever God has promised gets stamped with the Yes of Jesus. In him, this is what we preach and pray, the great Amen, God’s Yes and our Yes together, gloriously evident. God affirms us, making us a sure thing in Christ, putting his Yes within us. By his Spirit he has stamped us with his eternal pledge—a sure beginning of what he is destined to complete.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

On the subconscious mind...

If there is ever anything you want to accomplish, just say it to yourself repeatedly right before you go to bed. I guarantee it will seep into the pit of your mind and propel you forward the next morning!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Commercial Audition- Callback - this tip could possibly help you...

Last week I went on 3 commercial auditions and had to put myself on tape for a film.   I got call back for two of them!  Of course, I was excited.  In my time before the call back auditions, I recalled all that I had done in the initial audition.  I thought, "what was it that made them call me back?  What was that money moment."  After, I came up with my answer.  I made up my own lines (I couldn't remember the lines verbatim because I'd only had them for 20 minutes and a full week had passed), but the message was the same; the gist of what I'd made up was the same.  I kept what I thought was my money moment...In one case, it was my URBAN character.  And I brought sister girl into my call back.  I think it went well.  I definitely believe the CD's like me!  So we shall see.

"Nothing placed in my spirit is without power or impossible!"
Joresa Blunt

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Rehearsal is the Show!

I think Devon Franklin says it best in his book "Produced by Faith", and I think it applies well to an actors rehearsal process!

He talks about Michael Jackson's show, "This is it", that is basically taped rehearsals of what would have been for his next concert tour.  He talks of how Mike was dressed any old way during his rehearsals because he was in fact just rehearsing and he needed to wear things that were comfortable.  However, "What Michael didn't realize," he says, "was that the rehearsal was the show."

Additionally, I was watching Michael Jordan's  interview with Ahmad Rashaad for his 50th birthday and MJ said something just as intriguing; that he treated every practice like it was the actual game, so nothing he did surprised him in his actual games!  What was amazing to us, was no different that what took place in his practices.

This got me to thinking what an amazing practice and certainly the way we as actors should rehearse/practice! 

Our rehearsals should be done as if it were the show!  Our audition sides should be rehearsed as if it was the final take! That video you send in as a submission should be as if you were on set!


That's a wrap.

Friday, July 19, 2013

TV Prep Time (or Here Are Some Helpful Links About Scheduling Your Viewing) by JEN

I am preparing for mid year auditioning!  Along with my REbranding of self image and all.  I am also seeking to take on camera classes.  I need to REbuff with my REbranding!  I need REfresh all my techniques.  It's just needed!  With that said, I have begin doing research on all the shows that I am interested in.  I'm loving Orange is the New Black!  Have you watched it? 

With that said, I thought this blog was interesting and worth a read.  Certainly can help with research for your future auditions!

I hope that for all of you actors, this helps you get more prepared for the fall tv season!

tv-prep-time-For actors trying to do your research

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's simple, just ASK....

“I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store.

For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.
I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid.”

-Jessie B. Rittenhouse

Maximizing a BRAND New Me!

I am re-branding myself, my look, my talents, and I want my blog to be about everything that is the new ME!

Who am I? One thing hasn't changed, and that is my unique name Squeaky Moore!

What has changed are my many faces, my unique sentiments on life, and my new talents. Going forward, I will not only be announcing my new acting updates, directorial debuts, film news, coaching tips, new articles and such...but will also let you in on ME, the real, unfiltered ME. The quirky, no-nonsense, topsy-turvy, ole' ME

So just stay tuned...

With that said, check out my 2013 Acting reel below and wait patiently for the

Sentimentalities of ME

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Check me out in the Disciplinary Actions- Web Series EP 1

Squeaky Moore in Disciplinary Actions- Web Series- Ep 1
Written by: Dianna Smith
Directed by: Tony Clomax

Indelible Film participates in NYCIFF feature film competition- And I'm in it!

  The film, INDELIBLE, that I play in has been chosen to participate in the feature film competition in the New York City International Film Festival!!!
I play Karla, a tough lesbian publisher who tries to get a girl who can't read to tell her story so that I can publish it.

Check out the TRAILER below:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Woop! Woop! Check me out on ABFF Independent Mondays!

How hot is this!!!  Aspire TV will be showing the film I Produced on ABFF Independent on Mondays @ 8pm and 11pm.  Gotta tune as they will also be featuring other independent films too!  OH, did I mention that you can catch me acting in the film too!  That's right!  I play the role of Professor Gills...2 for 1! 

Here is the promo:,AAABhYG54ek~,cu7tknTuwHgo1OC51hYjpMWIqD2ClmCx&bctid=1807464622001

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