Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Commercial Audition- Callback - this tip could possibly help you...

Last week I went on 3 commercial auditions and had to put myself on tape for a film.   I got call back for two of them!  Of course, I was excited.  In my time before the call back auditions, I recalled all that I had done in the initial audition.  I thought, "what was it that made them call me back?  What was that money moment."  After, I came up with my answer.  I made up my own lines (I couldn't remember the lines verbatim because I'd only had them for 20 minutes and a full week had passed), but the message was the same; the gist of what I'd made up was the same.  I kept what I thought was my money moment...In one case, it was my URBAN character.  And I brought sister girl into my call back.  I think it went well.  I definitely believe the CD's like me!  So we shall see.

"Nothing placed in my spirit is without power or impossible!"
Joresa Blunt

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