Monday, December 23, 2013

I am #motivated I feel #empowered 


This week I got to see another idea / project of mine come to fruition! This past week I was able to Direct and Produce a promo for a documentary I will be directing with a great friend, called Face of Darkness. The aesthetics of the shoot were so beautiful! It was really thrilling to see the visual I had in my head come to life...I am thankful.

I KNOW....

This was not with out declaring, affirming and praying over and over the very thing that I wanted to happen.

I declared continuously that I wanted God to grow my confidence in my creativity. HE HAS...

I AFFIRMED continuously that "I can do all things through Christ who is my strength!" I DID!

I prayed God do "exceedingly and abundantly over all I could ask or think".

He did!

This is motivation and a great way for me to end the year! WHAT ARE YOU DECLARING AND AFFIRMING? SHARE WITH US!

#MotivationMonday's is EVERYTHING. Especially when you look back over what you've been declaring and affirming...

So I say, look back...check in...give yourself some PRAISE...and GOD...PUSH forward INTO THE NEW YEAR!


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