Monday, November 3, 2014

Are Reality Stars "Victims" of Exploitation or are They Truly Unaware?

I recently read a post by Reality TV Executive Producer, Tracey Baker-Simmons (producer of The Houstons, and Being Bobby Brown); a women I have grown to admire and respect in the business! 

She writes about reality TV stars, and in my opinion, forces the viewer to differentiate between reality TV producers who "exploit" people's lives in a negative way and the individuals who are truly unaware of their fatal flaws until exposed on camera.  I think she makes very valid points and this article is something future reality TV producers should read and certainly the viewers to gain a different perspective.  What are your thoughts? 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Check out my latest interview on ABC's Here and Now show

I'm feeling  very blessed!  God is allowing me to spread the word about the current film I am directing/producing and at the same time I'm doing His work; helping to bring healing and light to pain and darkness.  I'm #grateful.

Here is the interview here: 

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